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How Advertisers Can Adjust To The New Normal
To meet the challenges of the time, don't shy away from spending. Instead, strategically reallocate your advertising dollars. There's never been a more captive audience in recent history than now, and digital platforms hold the key.
Forbes - 19 Nov 2020
Spotify earnings: encouraging podcast and premium growth
Spotify released Q3 earnings and has announced its Q3 results, boasting “high level“ performance including strong MAU and subscriber growth plus a big focus on podcasting growth is ahead, with predictions from Veritone One's Stephen Smyk.
The Drum - 29 Oct 2020
Making Money Podcasting Is Possible But Not Easy
As podcasts become more popular, people are listening more, and content creators are launching more. But how do content creators generate a sustainable income? SVP of Podcast and Influencer Marketing, Stephen Smyk, weighs in with Forbes about the different tools to generate an income.
Forbes - 29 Oct 2020
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