Advertising on podcasts is a smart thing to do. And we know the smartest way to do it.

550,000 podcasts. 18.5 million individual shows. In 155 countries and in more than 100 languages. With our proprietary podcast performance data and aiWARE-enabled actionable intelligence, Veritone One has the knowledge, experience, technology, and leverage to help brands navigate this bustling landscape.

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50% of all US homes are podcast fans
On average 85-88% of podcasts are downloaded within 48 hours of release
69% of podcast listeners agreed they learned of a new product or service from podcast ads

We are the largest performance spender in the US. For a reason.

Veritone One has fostered years-long relationships with the biggest networks, placing media across every major National and Satellite radio show, and can offer expertise in all local markets.

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93% of Americans listen to radio each week
82% perceive a deep connection to their favorite radio personality
Radio is the #1 medium between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm

We employ a cohesive end-to-end digital strategy. Our end game? Customer acquisition.

At Veritone One, we harness the power of search, display, and social media to build a powerful online presence for your brand, with customer acquisition as a priority.

Through tailored messaging and cross-channel targeting, we convert paid, earned, and owned traffic into actual customers, delivering a better ROI and continued engagement with your brand.




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Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Search
On average, each person has 5.54 Social Media accounts
Consumers exposed to Display ads are 155% more likely to search for brand and segment-specific terms

With 50 million active content creators, and growing, YouTube is considered the Wild West of advertising. Luckily, we're kind of like John Wayne.

No other agency is doing performance-based YouTube influencer integrations to level that we are, with a dedicated team of influencer specialists and a proprietary database of endorsers we know will perform for your brand.

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Collectively, viewers watch 1 billion hours of YouTube content per day
Millennials prefer YouTube over traditional TV At a ratio of 2:1
6 out of 10 subscribers Listen to their favorite YouTuber over their favorite TV or movie star

Even with a familiar medium like television, there’s always a way to learn more. And do better.

Using our patented-technology platform, we have access to verified airtimes, audience data, and conversion results, all in real time. So we can provide more actionable insights than anyone else.

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Each day TV reaches more people than all other traditional media outlets, including digital media.
On average, adults watch TV For 5 hours a day
TV is the top advertising medium That influences purchase decisions

If streaming can take media everywhere, Shouldn’t your message be everywhere too?

With Veritone One, on-demand video content works harder, reaching audiences on virtually all devices, at any screen size or bandwidth. With a wide array of ad units and granular targeting capabilities available across top partners, our video and audio campaigns are more relevant, and more compelling, to each unique audience.

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The Streaming Industry is estimated to reach $70.05 Billion by 2021
In 2017, digital audio grew 42% YoY to $603 Million
Nearly 80% of mobile ads are purchased programmatically which will increase to 85% by 2019

60% of consumers have made shopping decisions based on social media or blog posts. We connect the best advertisers with the best influencers.

With the advent of our Partner Program, Influencer Bridge, creators earn money through sponsored content opportunities, allowing them to focus on creating new content for their audiences. In turn, advertisers can expand their reach and also have the opportunity to advertise to a hyper-targeted audience in engaging and authentic ways. The Influencer Bridge service is available immediately, free of charge for content creators. Advertisers pay based on performance measured in actual transactions from specific ads.

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For every dollar spent, brands are seeing $6 returned through influencer marketing
Influencer content delivers 11x higher ROI than traditional digital marketing
Of consumers who watch Influencer content 74% feel motivated to buy during their purchase process

Powered by
Veritone aiWARE.

Veritone One is a subsidiary of Veritone Inc., a publicly traded company, and is powered by Veritone’s proprietary aiWARE, which allows you to track and listen to each of your brand’s paid and organic mentions (as well as your competition’s) just minutes after they air. The accompanying metadata feeds easily into our custom analytics platform, resulting in insights you can act upon immediately. Find out more.


Don’t Take Our Word for It. Take Theirs.

We believe in telling it like it is. Even better? Having someone awesome tell it like it is for you. Veritone One is the world’s largest endorser ad agency, because we know just how POWERFUL word-of-mouth can be. Whether it’s radio, podcast, TV, or YouTube, our influencers bring their unique voice to every read and make each endorsement truly authentic, creating content your customer wants to listen to.

Audio, TV, YouTube, and everything in between

Here are some of our favorite creative executions.

Your Message Multiplied: The Process


Start with a strategic plan

With your campaign objective and a deep understanding of your target in mind, we leverage years of data and insights on our side to develop a custom strategy for your brand.


Create the right message

We work with you to craft the perfect message—clear, engaging, and memorable—that will reach, and stay with, your audience—and most importantly, motivate them to take action.


Pair with the perfect media

We target media buys based on where your audience is consuming media, leveraging our performance database of media placements to book placements that will produce the ideal mix of proven results and opportunity for growth.


Deep dive Veritone analysis

All the media executed in your campaign, every ad, is captured and reviewed in our aiWare™ platform, then analyzed in real time with results data in our VCAP Dashboard. Enjoy unprecedented access to your data and all your campaign objectives, 24/7/365.


Quickly optimize and adapt

We combine historical knowledge with up-to-the-minute analysis to act, fast.


Multiply what’s working

More accounts, bigger buys, more comprehensive data — all of our learnings are funnelled right back into our campaigns, ensuring our clients’ continued success, again and again and again!