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Tommy John

In 2014, SiriusXM flagship host Howard Stern mentioned Tommy John organically during one of his weekly shows. At the time, the underwear brand had little to no experience in offline media. That’s where Veritone One came in.

By analyzing the traffic/sales spike from that first organic mention, we were able to back into a paid Howard Stern schedule that was optimal for maximizing customer acquisitions while maintaining peak efficiency. Radio plan in place, we were proactive in finding new avenues for scale and set our sights on podcasts.

Fast forward four years and we’re still here. We’ve fended off pesky competitors when they tried to take over our podcast share. We’ve outperformed, and outlasted, TV placements—and scaled audio to be Tommy John’s top offline acquisition channel.

Veritone One was our first offline partner and still impress us with their ability to help grow our customer base through the most efficient pricing possible, superior media planning, and fantastic client service.

- Tom Patterson, Founder & CEO
Budget increase from Y1 to Y4.
Average increase in spend YoY.
Total placements in 2018.

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Don’t Take Our Word for It. Take Theirs.

We believe in telling it like it is. Even better? Having someone awesome tell it like it is for you. Veritone One is the world’s largest endorser ad agency, because we know just how POWERFUL word-of-mouth can be. Whether it’s radio, podcast, TV, or YouTube, our influencers bring their unique voice to every read and make each endorsement truly authentic, creating content your customer wants to listen to.