Assembling an All-Star Lineup


When it came to spreading the fantasy sports giant’s message, we brought our A game. Veritone One assembled a full-on blitz of top-level talent across radio and podcast to share their firsthand experience of how easy and fun it is to play DraftKings.

From there, we secured strategic partnerships with ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS, Westwood One, PodcastOne, MidRoll, and over 250 exclusive podcast networks, essentially blocking competitor FanDuel out of these relationships. The result? Some pretty impressive stats: a 43% drop in cost per acquisitions and 26X the engagement*.

*compared to a benchmark.

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Don’t Take Our Word for It. Take Theirs.

We believe in telling it like it is. Even better? Having someone awesome tell it like it is for you. Veritone One is the world’s largest endorser ad agency, because we know just how POWERFUL word-of-mouth can be. Whether it’s radio, podcast, TV, or YouTube, our influencers bring their unique voice to every read and make each endorsement truly authentic, creating content your customer wants to listen to.