At Veritone One, we harness the power of search, display, and social media to build a powerful online presence for your brand, with customer acquisition as a priority.

Through tailored messaging and cross-channel targeting, we convert paid, earned, and owned traffic into actual customers, delivering a better ROI and continued engagement with your brand.

  • 5.54 The average number of social media accounts each person has2
  • 155% How much more likely consumers are TO SEARCH FOR BRAND AND SEGMENT-SPECIFIC TERMS when exposed to display ads3
Putting Some Teeth into a Digital Campaign

Smile Brands, Inc.

Smile Brands, Inc. boasts over 340+ brick & mortar dental practices across the nation and trusted Veritone One with their Paid Search business for Bright Now Dental, Monarch Dental, and Castle Dental brands.

Since partnering with Veritone in March 2017, Smile Brands has acquired tens of thousands of new patients at 29.6% increase in new patient growth year-over-year. Our team of digital analysts and strategists have built a strong foundation on competitive terms and local keywords that are geo-targeted down to a succinct radius around each office location.

The Veritone One team has tested hundreds of thousands of messaging combinations to arrive at the smartest mix, driving both phone and web leads to book office appointments. Calls and forms are then tracked back down to the keyword level for insight to which terms drive the most efficient return.

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Veritone One is a subsidiary of Veritone Inc., a publicly traded company, and is powered by Veritone’s proprietary aiWARE, which allows you to track and listen to each of your brand’s paid and organic mentions (as well as your competition’s) just minutes after they air. The accompanying metadata feeds easily into our custom analytics platform, resulting in insights you can act upon immediately.


Don’t Take Our Word for It. Take Theirs.

We believe in telling it like it is. Even better? Having someone awesome tell it like it is for you. Veritone One is the world’s largest endorser ad agency, because we know just how POWERFUL word-of-mouth can be. Whether it’s radio, podcast, TV, or YouTube, our influencers bring their unique voice to every read and make each endorsement truly authentic, creating content your customer wants to listen to.