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Where to Start on YouTube


When life gives you endless hours at home, Luke suggests using those hours to learn something new or refresh your cooking habits with a YouTube expert

When you hear “YouTube”, what comes to mind? Is it your favorite music videos from the early 2000s? Is it guys crashing their dirt bikes as they “send it” over homemade obstacles? Maybe it’s that annoying song your kids keep playing on repeat? 

Whatever YouTube means to you, it is the destination of nearly one-third of all internet users.1 And during these unprecedented times, more users are flooding to YouTube than ever before—for advice on topics ranging from home sanitation to home workouts to how to work from home.2

So where to start? If the 500 hours of uploaded content every minute seems too daunting for you to wade through un-guided, here are a few of my team’s favorites. 


Ever wondered what it would look like to watch germs spread? Just ask Mark Rober. Want to give your explosion-obsessed kid something educational to binge? Try Backyard Scientist. Or maybe you just want a closer look at how the world works, try Smarter Everyday. Each of these YouTube influencers has professionally-produced content that will keep you spellbound (and better informed) for hours. 

Mark Rober

Smarter Everyday

Backyard Scientist


Maybe now that you’re home for more meals, and days, and hours, you finally have time to cook. But what if your go-to favorites are already getting old? Try one of these unique cooking shows that are sure to entertain, inform, and delight your pallet. If you require food puns while cooking, start with You Suck at Cooking. I promise, Mikey likes it. 

Bon Appetit

You Suck at Cooking

Adam Ragusea

Matty Matheson (more of a food show than cooking, but I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen anything like it)


If you prefer your news with a large slice of opinion, irony, or humor then I have a list for you. I dare you not to get sucked into Good Mythical Morning. You’ve been warned. Only explore this list if you have at least 3.5 hours ready to burn. Oh wait, of course you do, you’re at home under quarantine. 

Phil DeFranco

Buzzfeed Unsolved

SB Nation

Good Mythical Morning

The Try Guys

Kelsey Krepple

Well, I hope you liked our list. Who are your favorite YouTubers? You can’t leave comments on this blog, but you can shout us out on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn with the hashtag #topYTchannel. 

Photo by CardMapr, on Unsplash