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Target Advertising in Politics


Reaching Certain Demographics is Crucial for Consumer Brands--and Just as Crucial When it Comes to Voter Reach

Ad campaigns are necessary for any politician running for office, especially in major campaigns like those for the presidency. Using new technology to specifically target voter bases is crucial to political advertising success. 

When our EVP of Operations, Sean King, sat down with DMN associate editor Chris Wood, he shared that, “Technology is the true game-changer in the ad war this 2020 election season. It has matured and developed so significantly since 2016 that now, adtech can identify what is being said within certain voter demographics in near real-time. Then extract that data so campaigns can understand the topics and issues that are important to each group of voters.”

He added, “This way, campaigns can inform and improve messaging in specific markets and demographics. By identifying which pieces of sentiment are resonating with which groups of voters – they can place specific ads within hyper-targeted markets.

Maturation in marketing tech leads to better targeting and the ability to make adjustments ‘on the fly’ in response to political opponents.

Candidates need to leverage technology to inform their campaign messaging and communication with voters. Targeting specific groups of people is becoming more effective as data on voters becomes readily available. This means technology isn’t just ‘nice to have’ anymore – it’s a necessity when campaigning. The bottom line is that candidates will stop at nothing to capture voters. One of the easiest ways to do that is through advertising. There’s also been an increase in ad spending due to the vast number of channels that campaigns can now leverage. No longer are TV ads the only option. Now, social and digital media platforms are more popular than ever among voters. This gives campaign advertisers reason to increase budgets significantly to ensure all channels are firing on all cylinders.”

As we approach the 2020 election year, advertising spots, especially on TV, will be overrun with political ads. Learn more in the full DMN article