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EVP Sean King Offers an Insider Look into Veritone One


What is it Like Working for the World's Largest Performance Audio Agency? Hear What Sean King Has to Say About it

As an Advertising agency, Veritone One is ultimately a service business. Our focus is on technology-enabled solutions that not only better serve advertisers, and in finding innovative advertising opportunities that previously didn’t exist.

aiWARE is the proprietary solution we use to add structure to unstructured data, such as audio and video files. This enables us to ingest and process thousands of audio and video files like podcasts, YouTube video clips and TV spots, then run different AI engines against the content to understand contextually what is taking place in the content in near real-time. Not only can we target specific audiences with this information, but specific content types, as well, which can be particularly challenging in podcast media.”

As a leader of an AI-enabled agency, Sean King is always looking forward to what’s next. In this interview, he discusses the technology he and the agency can’t live without, predictions for the future, and the current state of podcast advertising.

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