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LegalZoom Talks Podcast Advertising


Our Longest-Standing Client LegalZoom, on What They’ve Learned Since the “Wild West” Days of Podcast Advertising

LegalZoom’s Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Management, Rion Swartz, speaks to eMarketer’s Caroline Cakebread about how the podcast advertising landscape has changed since the brand started placing on podcasts back in 2011—and how, with the help of Veritone One, they’ve evolved their strategy to make the most of the medium today.

“We’ve tested live reads vs. prerecorded mid-rolls, and the live reads perform better by far. It’s not in a cluttered commercial pod—it’s in the host’s voice, and it’s directly adjacent to the content. Audiences trust podcast hosts.”

— Rion Swartz, Senior Director, Marketing and Brand Management at LegalZoom

Read more at eMarketer – https://www.emarketer.com/content/legalzoom-talks-best-practices-for-podcast-advertisers