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How AI Has Evolved Our Creative Process


In the past, advertisements would start with an idea. You put that idea out into the marketplace and hope for the best. If the product or service sells better, you assume (or guess) that some of that can be attributed to that ad. If the product or service doesn’t do as well, it’s still a similar guessing game of whether the ad performed or not.

Simply put, the old way of advertising (particularly in audio) doesn’t work anymore. If you’re paying an influencer or host to speak about a product, did they really sell the product and speak with enthusiasm or just go through the motions? How many times did they mention the product? Did they talk about their personal experience with the product or service, or was it purely a readthrough of the ad copy?

The power of AI in advertising

The answer to better tracking of both advertisements and client mentions can be found in AI.

What Veritone’s proprietary AI lets us do is track down every mention of our client — in near real time. Whether it’s in a prerecorded advertisement, a paid or organic endorsement by a host, or a story in the news, AI allows us to gather those mentions and analyze them in a way that accurately depicts the effectiveness of a particular campaign.

How AI-based ad verification works

Powered by aiWARE, Veritone’s proprietary operating system for artificial intelligence, we are able to locate every mention of a client within minutes of it happening in a way that’s akin to doing a Google search. We are also able to create watchlists that can be pre-programmed ahead of time, as well as break down mentions by show, genre, daypart, or other criteria. 

We can also use aiWARE to keep near real time tabs on our clients’ competitors and get the lay of the land for the market. In fact, we often know what is being said about our competitors before they do.

While the AI technology driving our platform is powerful, you don’t need an engineering degree to use it. We’ve made our platform incredibly user-friendly so our clients can log in and see things for themselves. 

Why ad efficacy matters

When we deliver talking points or ad copy to a station or podcaster, there needs to be follow-up to make sure things went smoothly. An agency typically will ask the radio station or podcast network for an air check, which someone at the station then has to manually pull together and send over. This process can take up to two or three weeks.

This just isn’t good enough to run a successful ad campaign. Let’s say your ad is for a flower service, running the week before Valentine’s Day. If a read pull shows the promo code has been read wrong the entire time, that ad was virtually useless. 

With AI, we get reads in near real time. If someone is doing a poor job, reading creative incorrectly or ineffectively, we can quickly circle back with the host and switch gears or correct what needs to be corrected. This adds a layer of accountability you won’t find with a traditional agency.

Conversely, when someone knocks it out of the park and amps up the enthusiasm, gives it a personal spin or mentions the product unprompted, we let them know that, as well. What we find is when we do that, the next time that host does a read, it’s not uncommon for them to maintain that enthusiasm or go longer on a read, especially in formats that don’t have a strict clock, such as podcasts and on YouTube. 

We can also share these real-time logs with clients and better communicate on top-performing reads as well as those that are underperforming, drilling down into what each host is doing well or where there are areas for improvement. AI is a great tool for where the rubber hits the road, which is the execution. It allows us to not only be more accountable but also be better advocates for our clients.

Saving advertising clients’ money

As a performance-based agency, we ultimately only do as well as our clients do. Through testing campaigns carefully, making adjustments on the fly, the ability to track and listen to paid and organic mentions, and longer-term analysis of what’s working and what isn’t, we’re able to maximize our clients’ ad spend — not so they spend more, but rather spend smarter. Ultimately, through the power of AI, Veritone One is able to give its clients the ability to optimize their ad dollars in a way that is unparalleled.

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Photo by Samuel Bourke on Unsplash