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Feeling antsy? Tired of binging TV?


Try these fascinating podcasts to combat cabin fever, fake news, or just to build mental fortitude

When self-isolation is the name of the game, keeping things in perspective is the top priority. But sometimes you just need to change the conversation. Today we’ve polled the office and are sharing our favorite podcasts to listen to alone or with our quarantine buddy, instead of binging TV. Tune in on your favorite podcast player or follow the links below.

To Escape It All

If the days are long and the world seems unforgiving—why not leave it all behind with a saucy story, a true-crime escapade, or a few laughs over your favorite TV show? Might we suggest:

To Stay In the Loop

Hearing accurate, timely news is important as we all stay on top of the rapidly-changing world around us. Everyone has their own opinions, but here are some news pods that consistently are at the top of the charts.

To Maintain Sanity

Sometimes, being alone with your own thoughts gets a little scary—but don’t worry, these experts will have you thinking deeper, waking up happier, and building better habbits—all from the comfort of your couch.

If you’ve found a new favorite show from our list, or feel like the list is missing one you love, share your top podcast with us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn with the tag #toppods.

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