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Case Study: Native’s Data-Driven Podcast Advertising Strategy Expands Reach



  •  Native wanted to add podcasts as another marketing channel but worried that they wouldn’t be able to track results
  • Veritone One helped them optimize and track their campaigns using decades of performance data and our proprietary artificial intelligence technology
  • For more details, download the Veritone One Native Case Study here

Native is an ingredient-conscious company in the personal care industry offering a wide range of products from soap and body wash to deodorant and toothpaste. They have set out to educate and encourage people to look at the ingredients in their personal care products. All of Native’s products are effective, clean, and cruelty-free.

The extended reach of podcast advertising

Native had already used other digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google but wanted to widen their reach with new advertising channels. They started to seriously consider podcast advertising but wanted to be sure they could track and measure the results. 

Measuring podcast advertising performance

Like other audio channels, podcast advertising did not offer the exact tracking metrics available with digital advertising. This has made savvy advertisers like Native hesitate. But with the right tools, expertise, data, and AI-powered technology, Veritone One was able to show the efficacy of podcast advertising and create a highly targeted ad campaign that continues to perform for Native. Read on to find out how podcast advertising is a powerful channel for brands as it enables them to get in front of expansive and increasingly diverse audiences.

To find out how we helped Native create, target and track the performance of their podcast advertising campaigns download the full study:

Or click here to download the Veritone One Native Case Study.

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