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Candid Reaches New Audiences at 50 percent Under CPA Goals Through Streaming Audio


Veritone One helps Candid reach its growth goals through highly efficient audio advertising campaigns; improving smiles everywhere

We’ve all dreamed of having the perfect smile, but for many of us, the cost and inconvenience stood in our way. In comes Candid with the opportunity to make your dream a reality. With Candid’s innovative remote treatment, you can now afford clear aligners and whitening all from the comfort of your home. Candid brings the product directly to you without the hassle of multiple office visits. Their convenient CandidMonitoring system makes it easy to take scans of your teeth and track your progress from anywhere. Your scans are then reviewed by a licensed orthodontist in your state who will work with you throughout your plan to optimize your treatment and improve your overall oral health. 

How does Candid work?

To get started with Candid, you can either order an at-home starter kit or make an appointment at one of their studio locations. The starter kit includes directions and materials that assist you with taking photos and impressions that you send to the Candid team. If you live close enough to visit a Candid Studio, you have the option of visiting in person with a care specialist about your goals for treatment and can have a 3D scan of your teeth created. Before you know it, you’ll receive your individualized set of aligners and be on your way to flawless teeth. 

The unique differentiator of straightening your teeth with Candid is that they only work with licensed orthodontists who specialize in the diagnosis and correction of irregular alignments of the teeth. In addition, the orthodontist who designs your treatment plan will track your progress with scans you take from your phone. So you no longer have to endure several appointments to evaluate your progress. Instead, your orthodontist will keep track of your treatment updates from anywhere you are! 

Winning smiles with audio advertising

Candid teamed up with Veritone One to find the best way to promote their new take on dental care from home. Candid had success in the past from a variety of advertising channels but ultimately needed to expand its reach. After strategizing with Veritone One, Candid began advertising on podcasts and national radio. Their goal was to increase brand awareness and effectively drive more traffic to their site. As a leader in performance advertising, Veritone One efficiently identified and targeted Candid’s ideal audience. For several years their podcast and national radio campaigns drew in new customers and built greater brand awareness. 

Adding in national streaming audio

At the end of 2020, we began testing Candid in national streaming audio. By the end of Q1 of 2021, new customer acquisitions from streaming came in at 51% below goal. Thanks to the highly-detailed reporting and targeting available with streaming audio it is typically a channel that can quickly be optimized, and we were not surprised to see how well the channel could perform so quickly with Candid. We continue to optimize the channel as we expand into new platforms; what may work on Pandora will not necessarily work for TuneIn. Careful analysis and monitoring of each channel will help Candid to continue to get the most return on their advertising dollars from each streaming campaign. 

“Working with Veritone One really means I have a true Growth Marketing partner. My Veritone team truly cares about Candid’s success as a business, and wants to improve the program and make sure our campaigns are performing at their best. They are quick to share best practices and industry information, and never afraid to make strong recommendations or disagree with me. I rely on their expertise and pulse on the audio market, and know I can count on them to propose innovative ideas that will help us reach our goals.” said Katinka Partridge, Senior Offline Growth Marketing Strategist at Candid.

Adding streaming audio to Candid’s advertising mix this year has already paid off, helping them to achieve their aggressive growth goals. Be sure to listen for this savvy teledentistry company wherever you tune in to your favorite audio programs. Your perfect smile is closer than you think!

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