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Babbel grew show partners by over 250% YOY with Podcast Advertising



  • Babbel needed to efficiently scale their growth in podcast advertising to reach new audiences
  • Veritone One utilized real-time data insights to expand their reach and scale podcasts while simultaneously increasing spend by 140% year-over-year (YOY)
  • Babbel’s continued success with podcast advertising has led them to explore new advertising channels

What is Babbel?

Babbel is one of the leaders in the language learning community. Their comprehensive learning system integrates effective teaching methods with state-of-the-art technology. Babbel’s goal is to help people have real world conversations—they teach a range of topics in their app, from  vocabulary words to culture. 

Their app-based lessons are created by a team of real people (language experts), designed for a broad range of learners. Babbel prides themself as an innovative way to learn a foreign language with live online classes (Babbel Live), original podcasts, games, videos and more.  Wanting to extend their innovative approach to promoting the brand, they teamed up with Veritone One to implement a data driven approach.

Partnering with Veritone One

Prior to working with us, Babbel had used other offline channels but wanted to reach new audiences with podcast advertising. Babbel turned to Veritone One, the industry leader in performance advertising, to help them achieve their goals. Babbel started working with Veritone One in 2021 in order to efficiently and effectively scale their growth in podcasts. “It was evident early on in our partnership that their [Veritone One] marketing expertise and data driven approach via their AI technology was something we’ve never had before” said Ariana Martin, Director of Marketing, Offline. 

Veritone One draws on vast experience within the podcast space. We helped Babbel optimize podcast advertising with our AI technology. With AI, we can capture and analyze reads in near real-time so we can quickly optimize media, shifting resources rapidly to maximize every campaign’s ROI. 

Advertisers historically struggle to measure ad performance and unstructured data across non-digital channels. Veritone One helped Babbel overcome this challenge with real-time data insights to quickly increase its podcast revenue. Through tailored solutions and  actionable intelligence, the Veritone One team guided Babbel in optimizing and scaling performance across otherwise inaccessible channels. 

Recognizing the power of trusted voices to build brand awareness, Babbel leveraged Veritone One’s influencer marketing expertise to secure podcast partnerships. In 2021 after launching with Veritone, Babbel was able to grow show partners by over 250% YOY. 

AI-driven podcast strategy

Veritone One worked hand in hand with Babbel for every campaign launch from media selection, implementation, host calls, creative, and analytics to ensure maximum ROI. Through diligent targeted ads, host selection, strategic flighting, and creative and media optimizations, Babbel is poised to scale their podcast and audio portfolio to new heights.  

“In less than a year, Veritone One has helped us double our spend in podcasts and given us confidence to view the channel as a huge growth opportunity in the years to come,” said Ariana Martin, Director of Marketing, Offline. 

With a successful year of advertising on podcasts, Babbel is expanding their strategy to broaden their addressable market while optimizing toward their KPIs. Babbel continues to work closely with Veritone One to scale their growth in podcasts, maintain channel efficiency, and find new audiences. Stay tuned as Babbel continues to launch new daily lessons and features. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to leverage podcast advertising as part of your strategy, our team is ready to chat with you. 

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