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Advertiser Spotlight: PrettyLitter

PrettyLitter Podcast Ads

PrettyLitter is a health-monitoring cat litter that helps give cat owners peace of mind by changing color to show any abnormalities that could indicate illnesses such as bladder inflammation, kidney issues and UTIs. The litter is also lighter, cleaner and less dusty than leading cat litter brands, and it traps odors without putting off the typical “kitty litter” smell. 

To promote such a unique product, PrettyLitter turned to Veritone One to hone and advance their podcast advertising efforts.

The origins of PrettyLitter

The seed for PrettyLitter was planted from its founder and CEO, Daniel Rotman, and his experience with his beloved cat, Gingi. Daniel’s sister gave Gingi to him when he was only 10, and they grew up together, inseparable from the beginning. One day, Daniel noticed Gingi was getting less playful and wasn’t eating. He rushed her to the veterinarian and found out she had been harboring an illness he didn’t know about, and even through rigorous care, they were able to extend her life by only six months. 

Through his personal experience, Daniel realized that cats are very stoic creatures. They can’t tell you when they aren’t feeling well, so it’s hard to see the warning signs for illness. Daniel decided he wanted to find a way for pet parents to monitor their cat’s health on a daily basis. 

Enter PrettyLitter. Daniel started the health-monitoring silica gel litter company from his apartment in 2015 and has not slowed down. PrettyLitter has grown by more than 8,000% over the past four years. 

How PrettyLitter gets the word out

 As an eCommerce company, PrettyLitter spent their ad dollars predominantly on online mediums. But digital advertising can only get you so far. With revolutionary products like PrettyLitter, having ad time to describe the unique merits and benefits to potential buyers is especially important. Education-based selling especially lends itself to channels such as podcasting because the host has as much time as they’d like to perform an ad read. And their personal endorsement can’t be beat. 

PrettyLitter began working with us in 2018 to grow their podcast advertising strategy. This year they increased their investment in the space and are seeing a 61% increase in order volume year-to-date. 

“We love how personal the endorsements get with podcast advertising,” said Deanna Bershad, VP Marketing for PrettyLitter. “It really humanizes the product.”

 Why podcasts? 

PrettyLitter appreciates how podcast advertising allows them to attract audiences they may not reach through digital ads. Podcast host endorsed ads help them connect with listeners on a deeper level. When cat-owning hosts are able to share their personal experiences with PrettyLitter, it’s beyond just an ad; it becomes a personal recommendation. And nothing beats a personal referral. “People who convert off podcasts tend to be good customers with a strong long-term value,” Bershad said.

PrettyLitter is happy to be doing their part to help cat owners everywhere make sure their cats are as healthy as they are loved by their owners. Podcast hosts are getting that word out from one cat lover to another. We think the Unjust and Unsolved podcast did a great job; check out their ad read here

If you’re looking to similarly develop new audiences and awareness for your specialized product through podcast advertising, get in touch.

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