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Advertiser Spotlight: NuCalm


NuCalm is a neuroscience-based system designed to get the body into a state of maximum relaxation and healing every single time. NuCalm’s patented three-step system will get you to spend more time in the rest and repair state allowing you to improve sleep, reduce stress and boost recovery.

How NuCalm works

NuCalm works by utilizing a three-part system that starts with a user applying the NuCalm’s all-natural drug-free biosignal disc on the inside of their left wrist on the Pericardium 6 acupressure point. Here, the disc is able to prime the mind by counteracting the effects of cortisol and adrenaline; thus slowing down and relaxing the brain. 

Next, users open the NuCalm mobile app, which features the company’s proprietary nonlinear neuroacoustic software. NuCalm’s neuroacoustic tracks are a collaboration of multiple science-based techniques which include binaural beats and nonlinear physics. NuCalm uses neurophysic-designed sounds to influence brainwave patterns into the frequency patterns that are associated with relaxation, greater awareness, intuition and provide a calming sensation.

The final part of the NuCalm system is to eliminate visual stimuli. This is done with the use of an eye mask. The eye mask allows for maximum relaxation which equips the body for the optimal restorative outcomes of the NuCalm system.

Setting itself apart

NuCalm is a comprehensive approach that shuts off our stress response and uses specialized tracks to entrain brainwave patterns into the calming brainwave states similar to if you were an expert in transcendental meditation. 

Traditional binaural beat music is linear and predictable – it may be effective once or twice but once your brain understands the pattern it will disengage. But NuCalm’s neuroacoustic tracks are the next generation of brainwave entrainment. NuCalm tracks are scientifically designed to keep your brain engaged. The novelty and complexity of the sounds and tracks allow you to reliably fall into calming brainwave rhythms every time you use NuCalm.

Building a customer base

The NuCalm system has historically cost thousands of dollars. But NuCalm recently has developed a cost-effective subscription model in hopes to attract a broader spectrum of users by offering a more affordable option. NuCalm is working with us to build customer insights and further develop its marketing strategy through podcast advertising. 

With a new subscription model to market, it’s important for NuCalm to leverage host endorsements and the longer-format flexibility of podcast host ad reads. After trying NuCalm themselves, podcast hosts can share their own NuCalm stories versus reading scripted ads or describing the detailed science behind the NuCalm system. When a host describes their own experience using this new technology (and their own results) then their loyal listeners are likely to take their word for it and try a new offering. Research has consistently shown that host reads do better than prerecorded ones — producing as much as 91 percent more lift than announcer reads, according to Stitcher.

With podcasts, NuCalm sees an opportunity for success. They’re utilizing a vanity URL to track and measure early results. If November and December are any indications, we look forward to a long and successful relationship. Together we will help them build better marketing insights and help to get the word out in a time when stress and anxiety are at an all-time high. 

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