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Advertiser Spotlight: ModCloth


Vintage-inspired online clothier ModCloth has been helping women have fun with the way they dress since 2002. From inception, ModCloth has set industry standards in regards to size inclusion, anti-photoshopping policies and female leadership.

This fall ModCloth is launching a new, streamlined campaign that offers podcast listeners 20% off with a promo code. Using a promo code is helpful when tracking purchases to attribute where the purchaser may have heard about ModCloth, however, soon ModCloth will be implementing pixel tracking to more clearly measure website traffic and website purchases.

Why ModCloth’s podcast campaigns work

One fundamental element to ModCloth’s podcast advertising success starts long before the recording. After hand-selecting podcast shows, we send each host a gift card to try ModCloth for themselves. Studies have shown that live host reads are more effective than prerecorded ones due to their authenticity, and what better way to create truly personalized ad reads than from experience? Each podcast host is given the creative freedom to share what they love about the online shopping experience, the brand or the new vintage-inspired piece they bought from ModCloth. From the unique styles, great fit, the pockets on that dress or a fun print, they are sure to find something special that fits both their style and personality.

ModCloth knows what works for them, so they’re doubling down on podcasts, where engagement is high and hosts can educate and sell their listeners the product. As many podcasts are streamed on YouTube as well, this becomes a double-whammy that nets them new customers on two different mediums.

How ModCloth has responded to the times

This year ModCloth has remained committed to helping its customers find positivity with their fun, funky dresses, shoes, tops and skirts. Heading into the holidays, ModCloth’s timelessly fashionable (and professional) clothing will make a great gift for friends and family looking for something to lift their spirits. Check out ModCloth to see some of their versatile fashions for yourself.

If you’re looking to similarly up your podcast advertising game with simple, easily trackable and effective campaigns, let us know today.

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